Thursday, April 28, 2011

Business as Usual

I know it has been quite a while since I have left a new post for all of you to read. I am truly sorry! Please forgive me. I have been real real busy with getting stuff together for a fashion show that I get the honor of being a sponsor for as well as trying to move to a new home.

Even though we are moving it is still business as usual. My office looks like a cluttered mess at the moment but I am still working away at bringing more beautiful fun things to my awesome fans and customers. I have so many new things planned!

I love that I have so many great supporters. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. You are each appreciated more than you will ever know.

This is a very short post I know. I just wanted to make sure that you all know that I did not forget about you. I just have been focussed on other things besides my blog.