Saturday, March 19, 2011


Everyone knows that Fairies have wings, but did you know that little girls can be little pixies and feel like they are flying in costumes like this?

Last year I decided that I was going to give a hand to creating fun costumes. I started with a bumble bee for a friend for her daughter for Halloween, but I just couldn't stop there.

There was a beautiful Garden Fairy (which I will share pictures of when the our newest model gets them back to me). the garden fairy had a long flowing tutu with
butterflies and beauty all over it.

How about the Missy Mouse? Oh that was one of my favorites. My daughter was Minnie Mouse for Halloween, which was inspiration for that tutu dress. She really loved that one!

It's amazing what creations begin with,
mostly they begin with my customer telling me what they'd like, such as color, style. From there my mind just takes it to where it will go!

Creating them is the easy part for me, but parting with my creations when I am done is so hard. I can't wait for my customer to see them, but I am saddened when they are being boxed up!

I appreciate all of my customers who challenge me to be creative. Sometimes, it floors me where these ideas come from! I never knew they were inside me. So, to all of my customers that allow me to be paint like an artist and use their precious daughters as the canvas to display my art, I humbly Thank YOU!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


There is nothing like the first photos of a newborn to make you look at your children and say, "WOW, I can't remember you being that size. Where did the time go?"

With such a huge gap in ages between
my two daughters, it is like doing it over for the first time again! Although Mariah isn't a newborn, she certainly isn't the size of Kandi. Often times, I look at Mariah and think about Kandi at that age and really, even though they are so different, they are so much the same too.

Recently, I was fortunate to have a newborn model. Her mommy did a fantastic job picking out just the right stuff for her first shoot. She was stunning and adorable and I have to say, it made me say those very same words, "Where did the time go?"

For me, the answer is simple, it went too fast! Isn't McKinley just adorable? I bet you are looking at this photo and saying the same thing. Thanks to her mother for providing us with this photo, modeling our beautiful pettiskirt and icy rose. A Natural Newborn Beauty for sure!